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Sanchit Kumar is a Senior Product (UX/UI) Designer Based in the Greater New York City area.
Sanchit has a solid 6.5 years of work experience delivering UX Solutions for amazing clients like Google, Cisco, SAP etc.

Sanchit Kumar's Story
Sanchit Kumar has been a designer at heart since childhood. All his life, he has been sketching cartoons, automobiles, motorcycles, and other cool stuff.  Sanchit even had an automobile design exhibition during his high school, showcasing his work. Sanchit also used to love clay modeling, where he would craft various cars, characters and objects.
With technology growing faster than ever, Sanchit found himself strongly attracted to the tech world. New software and hardware merging with our everyday lives piqued his interest, and it wasn't long before Sanchit started his career as a Software Developer at Accenture.
A few years later, Sanchit felt that his creative side needed release, and he realized that the designer in him was craving to create and innovate. He then wondered, "how could I bring my interests in design and technology together?"
With thorough research, Sanchit found the beautiful line of User Experience Design! It was the perfect merger of design and technology, and he just couldn't wait to immerse himself in the field. Sanchit proved his mettle to the Head of the User Experience Studio at Accenture by working on a series of projects assigned to test his aptitude, and with hard work and determination, he became a part of Accenture's Studio for Experience Design! 
With a total of 6.5 years experience in the User Experience field and a little in the Software Development field, plus with a background in Engineering, Sanchit Kumar has developed a very strong and diverse skill set to take on challenging User Experience roles! 
"I love to innovate and create, and I am constantly evolving to account for the world of technology, that is in a constant state of evolution as well."

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