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Komeeda is an innovative food event startup based in New York City, that offers unique food experiences for its customers.

The startup was in great need to increase its customer base and hence, our team of 3 Usability Experts came together to identify usability issues plaguing Komeeda's website and providing recommendations to improve the overall user experience.
Our Disciplines
User Experience Design (UI/UX), Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing
Our Team
Sanchit Kumar
Elise Fu
Matt Bishop
My Role
End-to-end project delivery
Conducting stakeholder interviews
Planning and conducting usability testing on 6 target users
Analyzing usability test results to uncover usability issues
Formulating recommendations to tackle the discovered usability issues 
Designing and creating the final report and client presentation deck
Presenting findings to the client
The Deliverables
The following final deliverables were provided to the client
> Full Usability Testing Report
> ​​​​​​​Client Presentation Deck - Usability Findings
We made use of the moderated in-person usability test method for Komeeda's website

This method was chosen to allow face-to-face inquiry with the users, along with observation of their actions to get deep understanding of their pain points

Komeeda Client Kickoff and Stakeholder Interview

Methodology for Komeeda's Usability Testing Project

The target demographics were identified from the stakeholder interviews and the participants were recruited accordingly

Details of participants recruited for the study

The in-person usability tests were extremely insightful. Speaking to actual users allowed us to gather detailed information about their various likes and dislikes. 
This helped us understand what Komeeda was doing right and should continue doing so, and also most importantly, helped us uncover problem areas and pain points.

 Strengths identified from the study

Key areas of improvement identified from the study

With the help of thorough analysis of the data gathered from the usability testing study and our usability expertise, the following recommendations were formulated to tackle the key pain points:

Above: Recommendation 1 (Click to zoom)

Above: Recommendation 2 (Click to zoom)

Above: Recommendation 3 (Click to zoom)

Above: Recommendation 4 (Click to zoom)

Above: Recommendation 5 (Click to zoom)

The Komeeda Usability Study was a great success. The client was highly pleased with our findings and was very happy to receive actual user feedback.

Our recommendations were highly impactful and extremely well received. The client also mentioned that all the usability improvements suggested by our team would surely be incorporated into the website's next release. 

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